Our Story

Though decades have passed, still the spirit of rural village remains close to our hearts. Coconut, banana, rambutan, guava and mango trees as well as the many tropical fruits and plants such as lemongrass, garlic, chilli and lime, surround our rural living, providing us with food, natural shade and a carefree lifestyle. What was once called “plantação de coco”, which means “coconut plantation” in Portuguese,

We simply refer it to as


Our Appreciation

We have spent more than 30 years in curative side of the healthcare industry. We began to better understand the value of the natural things surrounding us as we grew older. Our interest and passion in organic natural products reached an all time high when we were travelling extensively throughout Asia and around the world.

Our growing inner awareness made us realize and appreciate that many good things we had were already at our doorstep! We just took them for granted while growing up. One of them is the many health benefits of virgin coconut oil which we want to share with you.

Our Values

aroozoo™ experience teaches us to be family to nature. Nature in itself offers life remedies and health therapies in various forms. Nature’s simple perfection is the foundation of aroozoo™ values – appreciation of what we eat, the feeling of rural comfort, the happiness we have been given by nature and the joys we share with people around us. We

We hope to positively influence the attitude of our “care before cure” lifestyle through the aroozoo™ experience. We hope the aroozoo™ experience can add a positive difference in everyone’s life – one at a time.

the aroozoo™ experience teaches us to be family to nature, to bring you the value of nature’s products from our hearts.

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